PRP Hair Rejuvenation

An effective means for the treatment of hair loss most commonly seen in the scalp. The foundation for PRP comes from the fact that by injecting PRP into damaged tissues (unhealthy hair follicles), you help restore and rejuvenate the cells in the treated areas.
Signs and symptoms of hair loss:
  • Gradual thinning on top of head
  • Circular/patchy bald spots
  • Sudden loosening of hair
  • Patches of scaling that spread over the scalp

Ideal Candidates for PRP Hair Loss Injections

  • Earlier stages of hair loss
  • Small isolated patches or areas of hair loss
  • Experiencing thinning hair, bust still have good number of hair follicle
  • Must be in good health and not on any medication that affects bleeding.

PRP Injection Treatment

  • Requires minimal preparation; This is a 40 - 90 minute procedure
  • A topical numbing cream is applied to the scalp about 20 - 30 minutes prior to treatment to improve patient discomfort
  • A small amount of blood is collected and your blood is spun down using a centrifuge
  • PRP solution is removed and injected into the scalp with hair loss or thinning hair 
  • Usually 4 - 6 treatments are advised 4 - 6 weeks apart. Hair texture, thickness and grwoth of new hair follicles will begin as soon as 3 weeks after initial treatment
  • It will be determined how many treatment sessions may be necessary and re-evaluate your progress at every follow-up appointment 

Preparation for PRP Injections for Hair Loss

  • A week prior to appointment; avoid fish oil, NSAIDS, Aspirin, Advil, Aleve supplements and anything that prolongs bleeding to help minimize bruising, bleeding and swelling after your injection.
  • Talk to your primary care doctor if you are on blood thinners, if it is safe to stop these medication and obtain instruction about when to stop and restart the medication.
  • It is not recommended for patients that are on life saving medications in order to have any cosmetic procedure performed
  • Keep hydrated
  • Avoid hair gel, hair sprays or other topical hair products in the day of treatment

Post PRP Injection for Hair Restoration

  • It is normal to experience bruising, redness, itching, swelling or soreness that may last for 2 - 5 days
  • Often times some describe feeling tight and stiff on their scalp post injections
  • Do not touch, rub, or manipulate treated areas for at least 8 hours after treatment
  • Stay hydrated for the first week to promote healing
  • Cold compress can be applied to reduce swelling if required
  • Take tylenol for pain NOT Ibuprofen
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, heat, sun and swimming pools for 2 days 
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoking for 3 days post PRP since they contribute to poor healing and results may take longer
  • You may wash your hair the day after your treatment
  • Be sure to use only pH-balanced shampoo for the first 3 days
  • Avoid hair colouring and minoxidil for 3 days after treatment

Contraindication to PRP Hair Loss Injections

  • Impaired immune system due to immunosuppressive diseases or medications
  • HIV
  • Facial or scalp skin cancer such as squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma or melanoma
  • Chemotherapy patients
  • Accutane patients or recently off of Accutane 
  • Bleeding disorders or platelet dysfunction
  • Active acute or chronic infections in the area 
  • Hypofibrinogenemia 


  • To be discussed during consultation appointment